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The liberating potential of the exercise is experimentally (re)discovered as a method to explore detours within a designing process. The creation and execution of exercises are used as tools to awaken a wondering and attentive look at our daily surroundings, resulting in imagery and textual content which is then processed into a graphic output.  


The publication – a ring binder – contains artistic research about the formulation of exercises, but also functions as a workspace and archive for these exercises.


On this digital platform, the exercises break out of their printed dimension. I invite you to participate and become a practitioner yourself.


Once you have completed an exercise, you will be given access to the private archive  where the results of all practitioners are collected. Your work will be added and displayed in this archive.  There is no specific medium required; drawing, designing, photography, sculpting, painting, writing... Everything is possible.


Choose an  exercise  down below , alert me through the  form  and get started! 


Looking forward to hearing from you, 



PS: Do you want to formulate your own exercise? Let me know your ideas via the  guest writer form .

all exercises
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  • Still Life      

  • What do your memories smell like? 

  • Soundscape  

  • Blitz Exercise 

  • Peeper 

  • Shadow Play 

  • The power of the content table

  • Tastes Differ

  • #hate #speech #poetry 

  • Manual Work

  • After-Image

  • Anti-Self-Portrait

  • Visit someone's bookcase    

  • Dialect   

  • Bouquet     

  • This Way 

  • Detour for Dialogue

  • Snapshot

  • Speed Teaching 

  • Well Said 

  • Typographic Walk 

  • Grid   

  • Words of a child

  • Correspondence  

  • Ground Forms  

  • White Spots

  • No Photos   

  • KMSK Brussels  

  • The attendant   

  • Wander  

  • Wordless

  • Visual Protest 

at home
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Evelin Brosi en Elvis Bonier door Eva Donckers.png
on the road
become a guest writer

Become an exerciser

thank you for your submission!


Use this form to notify which exercise you will be performing. Next you will receive a confirmation email and will be told how many weeks you get to complete the exercise. Send your results via email. Afterwards you will get access to the  archive  of results from all exercisers and your work will be shown there as well. 

become an exerciser

Become a guest writer

thank you for your submission!


Become a guest writer and submit an exercise using this form. The exercise will then be included in the archive if it meets the following conditions:

1. Exercises are formulated as step-by-step instructions: step 1:..., step 2:....

2. Exercises are delineated by restrictions in subject, time, material, place, or collaboration.

3. Exercises are often most useful when there is a demand for documentation:       photos, video, text, audio recording... although this is not always the case.

4. Exercises are included within a category: at home, dialogue, ongoing, or on the road.

5. Exercises that were inspired by something or someone who can be named should mention this.

© 2022 Louise Jans

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